Wedding Hairstyles Summer 2016

We are now in two of the most popular months of the year to get married, and although most brides have their hairstyle planned months before the big day, it isn’t unheard of for a bride to make a sudden last minute change!

I have found some of the most beautiful hairstyles in my research, some naturally wouldn’t suit my hair type or face shape but it is still fun to fawn over the effort and creativity put into these styles.


I love the relaxed look of this hairstyle, the braid and flowers giving it a very pretty vintage vibe.


This is a very glam up-do but with softer waves in the hair so it doesn’t look as severe.


The increasingly popular fishtail braid is a very pretty way to wear your hair down but out of the way.


If you have great length or extensions then bouncy curls are timeless.


For an easier to manage style a halo braid keeps volume at the front, whilst still allowing for flowing length at the back.


Hopefully the little bits on inspiration can guide you to create a style that suits you. Remember to find a hairdresser you are comfortable with, being able to tell them what you don’t want is as important as stating what you do!

Top Tip: Having your hair trial the weekend of your Hen Party is a great way to get use out of the hairstyle!


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ger x


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